Faithful to the end…

I undoubtedly just went through the most physically painful time in my life thus far. Almost 6 days in the hospital with complications that took me on a journey throughout the newly constructed Penn State Health hospital in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

I jokingly would tell the nurses that after almost a two decade career in Real Estate, I was determined one way or the other to get a “private tour” of the facility that just opened its doors in October of 2022.

I wouldn’t suggest this method of checking out the Real Estate! At one point wasn’t certain that I wouldn’t be getting both the first and final tour consecutively.

My journey took me from the Emergency Room to the med surgical floor to a CT scan and then an MRI. From there to the Intensive Care Unit to back to the medical surgical floor to an ERCP procedure to eventually a removal of a gallbladder. Then there were other “little things” like the straight catheter…don’t get me started!

My blood pressure was dangerously high. I clearly was in pain that wouldn’t allow my body to relax. I don’t need to go into all the medical issues in this blog because it would take up way too many words/paragraphs to explain. There are a few important things I need to write down now that I’m “on the other side” of it.

I remember multiple times asking God why? TELLING Him I couldn’t take one more minute. Time seemed to stand still. One painful experience would lead into something worse and more painful.

Then there was my family and friends. I was overwhelmed at all the love and tremendous prayers/encouragement as I was going through this unknown journey. Friends were continuously pressing in and pleading for healing in Jesus name.

My family was so fearful and exhausted. It was probably mentally every bit as hard on them, maybe harder than it was on me. All I can say is, I’m so thankful for their support and tremendous love for me…Especially, my husband/BFF, Loren.

I asked Jesus to get off “the other calls” and listen to me already!

As my journey continued throughout the different areas of the hospital, I was able to meet many sets of doctors, nurses, patient care attendants and other staff. Going to the ICU can look and sound scary. When I reached my room, in walks a good friend. She was as stunned to see me as I her. She had been assigned to me for the evening. What are the chances??? This was the first time I knew I had felt the presence of Jesus right next to me…it was so comforting in a time I needed to know.

She was working in the new hospital, on the same floor, in the same room for less than the 24 hours I would remain on the floor!

I knew He heard my cries!

That isn’t it! The following day that week, I was taken to the Operating room to remove my gallbladder. As I’m getting prepped for surgery, in walks a girlfriend I graduated from High School with. What???? She works at the new hospital too??? The exact time I’m scheduled??? She held my hand in recovery and I once again felt the presence of Jesus in a very deep and special way. Supernatural is the only way to explain it. I don’t believe in coincidences like this. It’s a miracle from heaven 💗

There are so many more details I could include in this blog but I’ll save them for a book someday!

My testimony takeaway is…there is no place like home and…

He is faithful to the end. Always.

2 comments on “Faithful to the end…

  1. Thank you for your candidness and vulnerability in letting us in on your journey. So many questions and so few answers but His faithfulness remains strong. Praying for rest, comfort, and complete healing…body, soul, and spirit my friend! 😘

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