His will, my won’t…

The web defines an individuals will as: a legal declaration of a person’s wishes regarding the disposal of his or her property or estate after death. Especially : a written instrument legally executed by which a person makes disposition of his or her estate to take effect after death.

My husband and I are in serious need of updating our wills. Our youngest, Noah, is 22 now and he is listed as “future children” on our current document. Many years have flown by and our children are now young men.

As I think about “my will”, I want our children to understand…what ever is left is not my own but is a gift left from the Giver of ALL good things.

The older I get the more I struggle with His will…His divine and supernatural plan for my life. I’ve had more “Moses moments” in the last four years than in all of my life.

His will, my won’t.

One of the big signs of “my will” was during a prayer time at our church. I was with a small group of other school directors who were meeting with our pastor to pray. I knew I was supposed to pray and I struggled to. I couldn’t open my mouth. I felt tears welling up in my eyes. I lifted my head and tears began to fall. I confessed. I didn’t want to pray. I didn’t want Him to call me back to one of the most painful places I was ever in. I was mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically tired and just wanted out. He was calling me back. That was His will battling my won’t.

His will in my life is not much different than my will for the loved ones I will leave behind someday. The difference is His will is supernatural. I can’t see, smell or touch it. It gives me the BEST vision, and it can and will move throughout all of my senses if I choose to walk in obedience.

His will isn’t written, it’s given. IF I choose it. I have the freedom every day to move in it. His will is WAY better than my won’t. When He leads, I’m free. Free to be everything He wants me to be until the last day of my life.

Here I am Lord, send me 💗

1 comment on “His will, my won’t…

  1. Amen, I don’t quite understand why you say, “my won’t” were you trying to say mine won’t? Either way, I think I get the big picture of it. Good job on the blog post. I don’t think of his will as in like what he wants us to do afterr we die, because he’s still alive. But rather, I like to think of his will as something that he wants us to do because he is alive. Amen to this blog post

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