Truth or Consequences

Today’s fun fact…

Truth or Consequences is a city in New Mexico and the county seat of Sierra County. In 2020, the population was 6,052. Noted frequently on lists of unusual place names. In March of 1950 this city was renamed Truth or Consequences after the radio show.

I remember when our three boys were young, we would remind them to confess their wrongdoings. Never tell a lie. The consequences would be significantly less if they told us the truth.

One thing I detest is lying. Always have and always will. A single lie can and often will drastically compromise any relationship. It damages trust and then is hard to rebuild what was lost.

I prefer the “lighter side” of writing but the truth is, this subject is pretty heavy on my heart.

This year I have decided to major in truth. Not that I haven’t done it in past years but I’m making a conscious choice to be more intentional. That means when I hear something that isn’t the truth, I will speak into it…whether I’m comfortable or not.

How does one find the truth? How does one know the truth? How does one speak the truth?

It’s been said that “the greatest advantage for one who speaks the truth is they never have to remember what they said”… that is the truth!

I have heard people talk about finding the truth on the news, via social media or a “solid podcast”… There are a long list of sources I could reference concerning where people have told me they find their truths. It’s perplexing what people believe from random sources who claim to know the truth.

This world is divided. Not in two but in many many parts. Might I dare say these are the consequences of a plethora of lies. It’s not about the Republicans or Democrats. It’s not about the Right or Left. It’s not about the Conservatives or Liberals. It’s about this: whose truth do you choose to embrace?

My choice after serving in an elected position is to find my own truth and to speak it especially with love. To value all everyday, realizing my truths are not the same as those around me.

I don’t have it all together. I don’t have all the answers. Honestly though, I couldn’t sleep at night if I didn’t rest in God’s truth and promises. I need to surrender my own agenda and let Him take the wheel. It’s regularly speaking about the truth and peace that I have found in His ways. His Word, the Bible, is all the truth I need.

This year will be the final year of my elected term. I’ve learned a lot and had to forgive frequently. I now know what it means to love my neighbor. I’ve heard the truth and I’ve heard lies. I’ve learned to pray and love more on a deeper level…unconditionally. Though this has been and is one of the hardest life “assignments” to date, I do not regret it.

The truth is I have never wanted or prayed for the truth more in my life.

2 comments on “Truth or Consequences

  1. Lisa Sangrey

    Lisa, you never fail to inspire me. Your truth has always come from Him and through reading His word and praying. I’ve appreciated your time on the board, knowing you would always stand in that truth, but I’ve also wondered at times, how you got through it all..especially during those times of anger and meanness at meetings. I KNOW how you got through it…because you always leaned on Him. HE was and is your strength. Thank you for consistently being someone we know we can trust. Love you, my friend.

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