More than a Pyramid…

Family photo 2022 at Captain George’s Seafood Buffet. Missing our eldest son, Nathaniel💗

With my hubby behind the wheel and a five hour drive home, I find myself reflecting on what might well be our last trip to Williamsburg VA. At least for a while. Time will tell.

Mom and dad purchased the Williamsburg timeshare prior to daddy passing away in 2001. (Apparently, it was dad’s idea) Little did either of them know it would become a very special place where there would be unlimited laughs and quality time.

We have been coming with my mom since the boys were in diapers. Now, the three of them are figuring out their lives and careers as young adult men. I know everyone says “time flies” but somehow when one is trying to figure out morning and afternoon naps, toddler friendly activities and temper tantrums, time seems to stand still.

Funny, now with great anticipation I think about babies and toddlers in our lives again. Except this time, it involves sleep overs, unlimited ice cream, and a boat load of hugs and kisses. Not that I want to rush it…just dreamin’ a little.

My dad died at 52. Our youngest doesn’t even remember him. He wasn’t even a year old. Our oldest and middle sons have fond memories of sitting on his lap and grandpa laughing and loving them always. He was an incredible father and the best grandpa. My husband also found him to be more of a father than an in law.

Our personal opinion is that time shares are pyramid schemes. However, times shared is not. So the value has far outweighed the cost of ownership.

We graduated from swim diapers at Water Country to gigantic roller coasters at Busch Gardens. Bedtime at 8pm changed to card playing, caffeine and snacks until 1:30am. Our kids traded in their strollers for at times driving to VA on their own due to job schedule.

I cannot neglect to give a shout out to Captain George’s seafood restaurant. My mom has made it a tradition to treat all of us to their seafood buffet. Although, I have long turned in my “buffet card” for a smaller plate, the shear volume of food my family consumes makes up for my pea sized portion. One other problem is one of our guys developed a shell fish allergy a few years ago after one of our trips to their buffet. At least he got all he could eat before he couldn’t eat it anymore. LOL

In conclusion, I couldn’t be more grateful for mom and dad buying into a timeshare. Though it might seem a bit of a scheme, it has brought us together as a family to share time and make memories that will last forever.

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