Beyond what I can see…

Growing up my parents were diligent in helping my brother and I to explore the possibilities. Meaning, they searched and found things we liked or disliked which eventually lead to what we may or may not have a “gifting” or passion for.

My parents weren’t really prepared for me. I was a bit of a handful. Mom had great aspirations and signed me up for ballet. I gave the pink runaway tutu, white stockings and dancing shoes a good try. No matter how much I tried to hide it, the “barefoot farmer girl” in me always managed to rear it’s awkward head. I much preferred throwing a football with my daddy and playing with my brother’s cool safari set.

The dolls weren’t really working for me either. One Christmas I received a Farrah Fawcett head. Came with makeup and hair accessories. I didn’t know what to do with it at first. Then, I had what I thought was a fabulous idea. I gave her a “great” haircut.

What I’m trying to convey is…when people believe in us, we believe in ourselves. When one encourages us, we are more likely to step out of our comfortable box. Growth in one’s life tends to go hand in hand with someone along the way who believed and encouraged us.

Later in life I ended up cutting other people’s hair without a license. I was the “hairdresser” for my entire family until our boys decided I wasn’t cool enough for them. I also cut hair for a few of my friends. Their question to me always was…”where did you learn how to do this”….I guess I should have said, my parents encouraged it by buying me a doll head in the late 70’s to practice on! LOL

After the ballet fail, my parents tried music lessons and that has stuck with me my entire life. I’m so thankful for my parent’s encouragement. Without their guidance and belief in me, I would never had taught music or lead worship in our local church.

I have to believe I’m a difficult one for my Heavenly Father also. He has a clear and awesome plan for my life and I often become my greatest obstacle. He has called and equip me to do things I could or would have never done on my own. He has sent multiple people along my way to encourage and help me to explore new territory WAY beyond what I can see or imagine!

Unfortunately, oftentimes He has to send smoke signals or something crazy for me to believe and receive what He is calling me to do. Don’t be like me! LOL

Healthy growth begins when we are willing to let go, listen, encourage, and help to equip. My prayer and strong desire is to have the vision to see what God sees in others as He takes me to new places. So many untapped gifts go dormant because of everyday practices. How much stronger and better could we be if we believed in others and encouraged them to be more than what they can see for themselves?

We grow much better when we grow together 💗

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