Who is Harry Nilsson?

This week I turned a half of a century old. Monumental.

I searched the web hoping to find something earth shaking event that happened on the day I was born. After coming up with nothing special, I googled the “#1 SONG on March 10, 1972″….

Harry Nilsson wrote and performed the song “Without you” and later was nominated and won “best male pop vocal performance” for it.

I played the song to see if I even recognized it. YES! It is an “oldie but a goodie” for sure and it has staying power…still played today!

Before I entered the career of real estate, I had done therapeutic music for multiple retirement communities in our county. It is truly amazing what hearing a simple song can do to the mind/body. I was in my 20’s at the time and was assigned to residents who were room bound and oftentimes “non-responsive”. I would play a song…oftentimes an old hymn. The nursing staff would stand in awe of how what had seemed like an almost lifeless body would start to respond positively to a song from their past.

Just like an old song that brings life to a weary soul, so do I want my next 50 years to count and leave a sweet legacy.

My greatest desire is to love like Jesus and put my life totally in His hands. I don’t know what that means. I honestly am okay not knowing. I only want to trust Him and be obedient in every way…willing to move freely without fear.

I made a 50 thoughts at 50 list

1) Take better account of things I am grateful for.

2) Love my neighbors more than ever.

3) Pray.

4) Use eye cream and moisturizer every day. LOL

5) Ride bike.

6) Give. Give. Give.

7) Try new things.

😎 Travel more.

9) Listen.

10) Spend quality time with friends regularly.

11) Meet new people.

12) Figure out what I want to do when I grow up.

13) Spoil grandkids rotten (when the time comes)

14) BELLY LAUGH AND make others laugh!!!

15) Take naps.

16) Never “retire”

17) Read my Bible.

18) Take HOT baths.

19) Drink coffee.

20) Live simply.

21) Play piano.

22) Eat dark chocolate.

23) Set the table.

24) Play outside.

25) Have company.

26) Wear comfortable but cute shoes.

27) Be still.

28) Get pedicures on occasion.

29) Take one day at a time.

30) LOVE.

31) Dine out.

32) Make my bed everyday.

33) Embrace getting older!

34) Light candles

35) Learn.

36) Apologize.

37) Forgive myself and others.

38) Vacation with family.

39) Sing.

40) Journal…blog…write things down. stories, testimonies, etc…

41) Hold my hubby’s hand.

42) Play golf

43) Figure out a bucket list.

44) Go fishing.

45) Eat more raw oysters on the half shell (my favorite food)

46) Feed the birds.

47) Learn from my mistakes.

48) Cook

49) Garden


Feel free to respond to this blog with yours. Making the list was refreshing! You should try it! If you’re 51…do a 51 list. Every year, add something new.

God has been so good to me. Life has been hard and it has been awesome too. 50 is only the beginning…


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