In Pa Dutch country, you may often find people speaking in a way where unintentionally the sound of “w” is exchanged for the sound of “v” and vice versa. For example, the word “vision” would be pronounced “wision” or the word “wisdom” might be spoken as “visdom”…Maybe confusing to foreigners but quite “normal” and amusing to the locals!

The more I thought about it, the more I liked it. “Wision” or “Visdom”…Yes, please.

Wisdom + Vision = “Wision” OR Vision + Wisdom = “Visdom”…

I like “Wision” a bit better so I’ve chosen to go with that. The two go perfectly together…like bread and butter. Wisdom paired with vision can accomplish incredible things. One without the other can be hazardous.

Oftentimes, a great decision requires two or more people coming together. At least one individual with great vision to see way beyond what is in front of them…and then another to offer vital wisdom and discernment on how to make it happen!

As the world continues changing at record pace, we many times are almost forced to make quick decisions alone. I’m not a fan. Here is why…

Vision is a gift. Not everyone is gifted in this way. A person with this gift is not dependent on our physical sense of sight. It’s intuitive and supernatural! It’s the ability to see way beyond what is directly in front of them.

Wisdom is also gift. Frequently paired with discernment and requires time. I often pray for these two things…at times, in great desperation. I believe it is developed over time and is also supernatural.

I have witnessed, recognized, and encouraged people in my life who have demonstrated great vision and wisdom. They are inspiring! I’ve asked them to pray for and with me.

Job 12:12-13 Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding? “To God belong wisdom and power; counsel and understanding are his.

In my 20’s, I spent a lot of time in the field of geriatric nursing. The amount of wisdom I gained while working with the residents is a gift in itself. I believe the older one gets, the more one desires to share the important lessons he/she has learned throughout his/her lives. Whether the lessons be good, bad or indifferent. To take time out and speak with a senior about his/her life experience is time worth taking.

To sum it up, I need, I want and pray for…

“WISION“…a word taken from the PA Dutch dictionary pairing supernatural vision and knowledge.

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