Weekend Waldos!!!

Day#6 Media Fast

After being confined for days the hubby and I are finally FREE! Today in addition to our media fast, we are fasting from our bed, sofa and chairs. If you haven’t read the prior days blogs, you should know that we had “the plague” and were quarantined for days without entertainment. Today, we are making up for it!

I’ve nicknamed us “Waldos” because I’ve planned multiple exciting adventures ahead all packed into one day. I feel like I’m in a completion with myself trying to get the most helium into a ballon without it popping. How much can I cram into one day after the “covid coma”? I’m hoping by the end of our adventures I will finally be able to lay down and have a good nights sleep!

Last night before bed we played a new form of Bananagrams, Yahtzee for the second time and Milles Bournes. For anyone who hasn’t played the game “Mille Bournes” you may not understand why I was having car problems all night long in the sleep. LOL!

I tried a new recipe we absolutely loved with leftover pulled pork. I highly recommend it!

Cheesy Pork Enchiladas with 10 Minute Smoky Enchilada Sauce.

I won’t have time to post all our shenanigans…stay tuned tomorrow and I’ll let you know where the “Waldos” went. If you find us and you reference this blog, I promise to award you a prize!

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