“Bored” Games…

Day#5 Media Fast

I’m finally starting to work my way out of the “Covid coma”…feeling a little sassier and ready to tackle the world again.

It is still strangely quiet. Thoughts of what to do next are common. I’m starting to like it. Still, I wonder what everyone is up to. I wonder if they miss me. I wonder if they still “like” me outside of my daily Facebook post. “I wonder as I wander”…

I’ve determined that the dead of winter isn’t a good time to “fast” anything. Snow fell overnight here in PA. It makes extracurricular outdoor activities limited. I’m trying hard to think of activities to make this fasting go faster! LOL!

I’m listening to the Bible through the Bible Gateway App…For anyone reading this who is interested, there is a FREE audible version available in many different languages and translations. I chose the NIV “dramatic” version. I like the inflection and various readers. I tend to zone out if it’s the same old same old…”squirrel??”…yep! That’s me!

To pass then time last night my hubby and I tore open the game closet. Board games for two… it’s been a long time. We played two heated games of Yahtzee and were ready for bed. It was fun and strange at the same time. Never did we ever have time for board games before. If we were bored we had plenty mindless distractions available right at our fingertips.

Dare I say fasting media is good for a marriage/relationships?

I’m beginning to think media is responsible for most of the messes we daily encounter personally, socially, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and the list goes on…

Fill in the blank…

If I didn’t have media my life would be_____

If I didn’t have a tv, phone, cable, I would_____

This world just keeps on adding to the “stuff” we need to keep up with the “crap” diet it wants to feed us. The diet that only leads to self destruction. I’ve been on this fast for only five days, unable to do much of anything due to illness and already, I’m saddened to realize how much time I waste. Not intentionally but unintentionally. Last night as we played Yahtzee the book of the Bible playing was Ecclesiastes. The word “meaningless” is used 38 times in this book. The world’s diet is meaningless. It is filled with empty promises and it makes you want to eat more and more and more. You can eat constantly and never be satisfied. Ever.

I’m perfectly happy playing bored/board games. I need a diet filled with more of the Word of God and less of what this world has to offer.

Until tomorrow…

4 comments on ““Bored” Games…

  1. Jennifer Knecht

    I miss you Lisa! Glad you are doing better. And bored/board games is a great idea!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh yeah, I’ll need to get on that social media fast too, because the freaking internet is eating away at my time, one hour at a time. Love to see how you’re faring. Thanks for sharing!

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