“Fasting” going forward…


One week down and two to go. I realized yesterday that I need to rethink fasting. It seems I am able to fill my days up with things that aren’t “media” and function just fine. Sure, I press the “F” (Facebook) App. button mindlessly on occasion but shut it down immediately and don’t have any desire to be there at this point. The TV…movies…internet…etc has never really been an addiction for me. So am I really “fasting”?

We traveled all over creation yesterday taking in the fresh and freezing air. It was beautiful! Covid has left the Miller house for good! We joined some friends for lunch and then went to the range and did some target shooting.

I just didn’t feel like I was “fasting”. What is a fast supposed to feel like? Is a “media fast” a biblical fast? Or, is that only fasting food? My husband and I had a deep discussion on what a fast is and should feel like. I determined that a food fast for me very well might be a better choice.

For example…I’m pretty obsessed with black, rich, high quality coffee. Often times I like a sweet to pair with it. If I took coffee (a love of mine) completely away, I would miss it. Would that be a better form of fasting? Maybe only broth and no food? This week I plan to investigate on a deeper level the biblical word “fasting”. I want to understand because I KNOW the result is exciting and life changing. If anyone reading this blog has a testimony of something fasting did in his/her life, I would welcome your comments below!

It’s not that I didn’t learn anything this week. I did. God showed me that I can waste a lot of time mindlessly. He also showed me that worshiping and reading the Bible regularly brings life to my soul. It definitely fosters much better communication AND is wonderful for relationships/marriage.

We (my hubby and I) are already looking ahead to next week and the people we intend to get together with. Hopefully, I will learn more about how and what God wants me to fast. I never want to miss out on what He has for me! Please pray with me!

If you’re following my daily journey, I just want to say thank you for reading and being part of what God is going to do!

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