Praying in the gray…

Many people, I believe, would describe me as a black and white person. It’s either right or wrong, fact or fiction and so on. As I become more and more involved outside of my safe haven, I realize that life as I’ve seen it isn’t that simple.

The world is changing at alarming speeds. For example, our lives today look and feel very different than only one year ago. Covid has changed and impacted us all. The pandemic spilled into many areas of our lives…socially, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. No one is the same and we all are now forced to see things outside of the black and white box we are used to. There is a lot of gray. No one can say they know 100% the truth. No one.

We elected a new president. Many “hot topic” issues were elevated to a higher level as most people were already agitated by the health crisis. Lots of speculations and “political agenda” conversations caused violence and mayhem in many cities/towns across the United States. Once again, as someone who wants to identity situations as black or white, I was forced into the gray areas…fully admitting I was unsure of what the truth really was/is.

My heart’s cry is to stand firmly on the truths I’ve been taught; The truth I find when I read the Word of God and The incredible peace I have knowing He provides the light that I ALWAYS need; He is THE ONLY way, truth and life.

That being said, He has called me to go outside my comfort zone and into this ever-changing world to make a positive impact…taking His light and love with me wherever there is “Gray”. My only prayer is that those around me, no matter what their stance on any given subject, would recognize that the unconditional love He has planted in my heart is evident and abundant… no matter what the shade.

Lancaster County PA born and bred. I'm a wife, mother of three sons, friend, and real estate agent. Roles which have taught me how to live one day at a time. Most importantly, JOY IS A CHOICE!

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