The Man With The Feathers

My husband and I may be conceived as a bit weird or nerdy. Some of our favorite dates have been parked in the coffee area of Barnes and Noble’s bookstore. He reads books with words and I enjoy photos (with a side of words)… Our choice of reading material is dramatically different. He rushes to the sports section and frequently selects a book on firearms. Some more of his current favorites are military books authored by John Keegan and also the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. Myself on the other hand, I’m severely scattered-brained. The magazine I’m currently reading will be a good indicator of what life season I am in. Today, I am looking for periodicals reviewing ranges as we are preparing for our kitchen overhaul.

Now for the explanation of the photo and title to this blog. It took me about a half an hour to actually focus on finding a magazine. I am a people watcher. Not only that, I make stories up in my head as to why people look, dress and act the way they do. In other words, I entertain myself. The man in the photo above clearly knew his feathers were in other people’s personal space. It was as though half of a peacock has spread his wings out over the right quadrant of his baseball cap. He knew he was something to stare at because he had no reading material at all. At one point I thought maybe I was being secretly filmed on one of those shows where they tape the public’s reactions to something absurd.

It is said if one has “a feather in their cap”, they have an extra special achievement to be proud of. This man had four! What did he do? Where had he been? Who was he?

On Facebook I noticed, they call me a “visual storyteller.” One day it appeared under my name. Facebook doesn’t have a clue how on- target they are. I love to tell stories and this man took my imagination on a first class flight…again. This guy clearly pinned his own feathers on his cap. He was proud of his pheasant feathers. Cleary wanted everyone to see them. The photo doesn’t nearly depict what it looked like from the front. It was a sight.

Finally, what I’m trying to say is the bookstore experience is unpredictable and fun! One can buy or bring a cup of coffee and “choose your adventure.” Today, my husband chose to read while I blogged and regularly annoyed him with my elementary-school behavior. Because it’s Barnes and Noble, we bought some Starbucks coffee and sweet treats as a bonus. Online shopping is destroying places like this. I personally am going to enjoy and support “brick and mortar” as long as I am able. If you have a bookstore near you, grab someone close to you “choose your own adventure.” Who knows, you too may find that it might eventually lead to a “feather on YOUR cap.”

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