Spaghetti on a Spoon

The other day I was trying to get steaming spaghetti noodles out of a stock pot with a spoon. All the proper utensils were dirty, in the dishwasher. So, I used what was available. A large serving spoon. It didn’t work. No matter how I tried, the noodles had a greater connection with water than the spoon. I tried multiple times before giving up and washing the appropriate utensil for the job.

This above analogy is the only way I can describe my experience last night when I went to write today’s blog. “IF”… Granted, I am new to all this. However, I have written almost two weeks of regular blogs and had no problems. That was until last night. Nothing came together. Everything was difficult. My grammar was atrocious. It was as if I never graduated from third grade. The photos would not transfer from my phone, and my thoughts were all over the place. Similar to trying for two hours to serve spaghetti on a spoon.

I am happy to report, I refused to give up even though the whole situation got worse. I decided to go to bed, wake up in the morning and finish everything. This morning when I woke up, I went to check on the blog and I accidentally hit the “update” prompt on my phone and it erased all the positive revisions I had worked so hard on the night before.

This morning I met with a good friend and she said today’s blog was for her. I also felt it must have been for others too. One thing I have come to realize throughout the years is… Some of the greatest things we are called to do are incredibly difficult. We want to throw in the towel because we have no energy to keep trying. Don’t give up! If need be, take a break or breath. I have experienced many of life’s “spaghetti on a spoon” moments that eventually result in something good. “If at first, second, or third you don’t succeed, try, try again!

Today’s thoughts…

  1. Jesus said this life wouldn’t be easy.
  2. Taking time to pause when frustrated can make all the difference.
  3. Choose Joy Everyday!

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