Football, Farm Shows and Family

In a few weeks, my absolute favorite time of the year will begin. Starts the second week of October with the Manheim Community Farm Show and ends on Christmas Day. It’s difficult to fully document all the reasons why I adore this time of year. So, I will give you a few…

I grew up in a little town called Penryn. We had our own zip code. You could literally drive through it within 60 seconds… it was that small. If you needed to find out anything about anyone…(town gossip), a trip to the post office would get you all your answers. Reminded me a lot of the popular television show, Little House on the Prairie. Once you passed through Penryn, you arrived in Manheim. I graduated from Manheim Central High School. Our school district was well known for farming and close community. In the beginning of October the community comes together for our “Farm Show.” I no longer live in Manheim but I would never miss it! It’s one of the only local fairs that continues to be more about community and farming and less about carnival games and rides. Some highlights are the local food stands, tractor pulls, baked goods, animals, and of course the exhibits. Small children all the way up to retirees submit their hand and homemade items hoping to score a blue ribbon! Honestly, I think a good farm show should be on everyone’s bucket list!

Football isn’t my favorite sport. Pretty much anything our boys have played over the years has become a favorite. We enjoy a lot of indoor and outdoor volleyball and, most recently, our middle son is throwing shot-put which is a whole new and exciting experience for us. College sports are fun to watch and we now have a huge collection of spirit wear. Though football isn’t a “favorite”, there is a seasonal feeling one can’t deny. Some fun finger foods and good friends rooting for the home team around a big screen makes for a pretty special evening! Win or lose. Memories are made.

Lastly, my favorite part. Family. Hands down, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Our family has traditions I will write about in future blogs. As the boys get older and they’re home less, coming together for holidays is the BEST! This year is driving me crazy because Pennsylvania is experiencing a perpetual heat wave. I’m anxious to purchase pumpkins and mums for our porch but I refuse to do so until the weather changes. Neither of them do well in 80 and 90 degree temps. So, I wait…in angst.

In my book…”It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Current thoughts…

  1. Traditions are important.
  2. Friends, family, and community coming together is a beautiful thing.
  3. Choose JOY everyday!

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