Perpetual Detour

The other day I was on the road trying to get somewhere and constantly came upon road work and detours. I live in Lititz, PA. If you ever have been to Lititz or check it out online, you will find we have received lots of recognition for being the “Coolest small town in America.” While it is a fantastic town to visit, it doesn’t do the residents any travel favors. We are a SMALL town of around 9500 people who just hosted upwards of 50,000 people for our annual craft show that lines the street and goes into the park. If you think that is excessive, come celebrate Fire & Ice in February or the Fourth of July in the park. DISCLAIMER: If you have Enochlophobia (fear of crowds) or Claustrophobia (fear of tight spaces), Lititz probably isn’t the place for you.

As you would probably expect, with all the incredible exposure of our quaint town, business is BOOMING! We have Rock Lititz, Wilbur Chocolate, Charming Restaurants and Breweries, A Butcher Shop, Shopping, Coffee Shops, Art and Antiquing, Music & Movies in the Park, and the long list goes on. My husband and I enjoy a regular date day every year going on their “Porch Walk.” This event is coming up the end of September. People open their porches for local artists to display and sell their wares.

So, you are probably wondering where did the title of this blog come from and where am I going with it?

Lititz has been under construction for months now. Constant delays. Regular detours. Oftentimes it’s so frustrating I wanted to throw my hands up in the air and give up. At times, I’ve taken my own detour to avoid the construction mess and ended up wasting even more time.

In many situations, we are often our worst enemy. For example: this blog. I’ve had a desire to do this for years. Yes, time was certainly a large factor. The largest factor though is fear of failure and having no clue how to get started. Who would ever want to read it? Questions flooded my mind. I took frequent random detours and felt I needed to go through a massive construction phase before I would eventually “take the plunge.” While on vacation this past weekend, I decided I was going to dive in without hesitation. I wasted a lot of time putting up self-imposed barriers. I still have no clue what I’m doing. I have no idea how people are finding me all over the world but they are. I can see it! It is incredibly exciting when you realize people are connecting with you from other continents/countries. Lititz and I have a lot in common. Seems like I’m always under some form of construction . At times, I take detours. Some that bring me back to where I wanted to be and others that go much farther out than expected. Eventually though, I find my way back and it’s all good.

My current thoughts are…

  1. Thankful for this small, quaint and “Coolest Small Town” I live in. LOVE LITITZ

2. The unknown is scary and exciting.

3. EVERYDAY, choose joy!

2 comments on “Perpetual Detour

  1. sunshine1412

    Love how you share your heart! You will encourage so many in this new adventure. Thanks for taking the plunge!! ❤️


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