Life Changing…

Day# (It doesn’t matter anymore)

I’ve stopped counting days. This media fast has been one of the best things I have ever done. It’s given my body and mind empty space from a world that has competed for every minute.

It’s 5am and I can’t sleep. I thought I would catch up with my writing and make the most of the time I have in the quiet of the early morning hours.

Yesterday at the gym I spoke with a fellow realtor who shared her incredible testimony. It was not surprising. After constantly listening to the bible audibly the past two weeks, I have a better understanding how truly life changing the Word of God is…

Here is her “condensed” story.

She has been with her husband for 11 years. Married for 7. Praying for her husband constantly, she tried and tried to convince him to come to church and give God a chance. It wasn’t until the past two years that she stopped trying and left it in Gods hands. She knew she couldn’t and shouldn’t try to control him anymore.

Last year everything changed. Her husband had went to put the kids to bed and as she stood at the bottom of the steps she heard him reading the Bible out loud to their daughter. Tears began to fall from her eyes. I couldn’t help but get teary myself as she explained…

She had been unaware her husband had been listening to the bible on his way to work and during his work day for many months. Once he started he found he couldn’t stop. It bought healing and joy to his life/soul. His entered into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and was changed forever.

This I find to be the simple truth. THERE IS NO OTHER BOOK that can transform ones life like the Word of God. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior years ago but longed for more. Reading the Bible as I stated in earlier blogs has been challenging for me. It is comforting and I enjoy it but in small doses. I wish I could say I love to read but I don’t. I find myself consumed with too many things and I then don’t have the discipline to stay focused.

Yesterday, I decided to play some worship music and take a break from listening to the Word. After only a minute or two, I found myself switching back to listening to the Bible. Don’t get me wrong. I DO love worship music BUT… NOTHING can replace the peace, restoration, and joy that happens as I continue bathe in the Word.

Her testimony is a perfect example. READING THE WORD OF GOD IS FOREVER LIFE CHANGING.

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