Day#3 Media Fast

Is it day 3? I can’t honestly remember.

Monday was day one…everything after that is a blur.

Day 2, (yesterday) I tested positive for Covid 19. My media fast is comprised of spending the day primarily on the sofa or in bed. Grounded. I spent some time questioning the “Man upstairs” why me and why now??? So I’m supposed to lay on the sofa all day reading the bible and/or worshipping? No TV, no movies, no media???

I am determined. Not giving in…

My “mindless motion” of hitting the “F” (Facebook) app button continues to randomly happen. No surprise.

A glimpse of hope came yesterday when God prompted a friend to call me. She is also doing a media fast. She told me she read my blog saw I wasn’t feeling well and felt she should call me. She also said God was already revealing things to her after only two days of fasting. Her enthusiastic voice and stories were uplifting. I needed that. He used her call to encourage me. I knew I had to keep going and not fall into a pit of disgust brought on from an unexpected illness.

Today, I tried cooking and taking down a few leftover Christmas decorations. That was enough. 30 minutes on my feet was all I could tolerate. Yesterdays blog was entitled ” I wish”…well, I haven’t stopped wishing. I wish this was over. Period. Everything. Covid, fasting…

It’s only just begun. I am not a quitter. I will keep trusting Him but I don’t love this life or what it has to offer right now and I can’t really hear Him saying anything. I’m in the Bible all day long but it has yet to really come to life. So I wait. Patiently.

That’s all for today.

4 comments on “C.O.V.I.D…

  1. Lisa, this is truly hard!! I pray that He will show Himself in the days ahead. And I also pray you will feel physically better soon!


  2. Take care and rest! 💕


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