Mindless Motion

Day #1 Media Fast

This morning I was excited to begin my journey of time away from much of the mindless activity this world offers. Little did I know how my day would finish.

I started off strong…Worshipping and playing the audible version in the book of Psalms…playing it through the speaker in my car.

I had a hair appointment at which time I became aware my dear friend and hairdresser is retiring her shears. Although, I was extremely disappointed, I affirmed her in her need to complete this season of her life. She will be greatly missed. As I continued out the door to my car and the next appointment, I mindlessly pressed the “F” App button and found myself in Facebook. It actually startled me and I immediately closed it out. Little did I know this mindless motion would repeat itself 4 more times today…and the night isn’t over yet! I saw nothing, did nothing and won’t but it reinforced the numbness that happens over time with a device constantly at my fingertips.

I had a lunch appointment with a friend. It was so nice to catch up. I felt oddly cold. I couldn’t get warm the entire time we were eating. I ordered a coffee and “the chill” inside me refused to go away. Soon after we left the cafe joint pain started to kick in. No matter how high I turned the heat up, I was still cold.

Yesterday in our church service, we prayed over every person fasting and for our entire church body…healing in Jesus name. WHY ME?

This evening I took my temperature and I’m running a low grade fever. SERIOUSLY???

I refuse to feel defeated before I even get started. I’m going to run this race and finish well because I KNOW HE IS BY MY SIDE! Always.

I don’t look at the mindless motion of hitting the “F” button as a failure. I see it as an opportunity to learn and do better. That is why He bore my sin at Calvary. He suffered and died for all my messes.

I plan to finish today well. A hot bath, worship and more digging into His word.

Until tomorrow…

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