Seize the day…

I write this on “Halloween eve.” I have had and continue to have countless thoughts concerning social media posts, alternative events, and the comments of outspoken people who are radically for and against this controversial “Holiday”.

Here in the “bible belt” of Lancaster County Pa, it is not uncommon for people to protest against participating in any way the night of. Some churches have “fall festivals” or something which takes the place of trick or treat. Christians tend to be divided on how to handle October 31rst.

My cousin, who I adore and unfortunately don’t get the opportunity to see, is a missionary in Mexico. They actually serve food and celebrate their dead ancestors for days.

I read a facebook post of a man who was brought up in a “demonic environment” from the time he was born until after he was married. He is strongly opposed to having anything to do with Halloween. I have to say, I understand why. His past was severe. Sometimes God says “no” and other times He says “go.”

As I continue to ask God to give me a greater understanding of His Word and the plan for my life, I lift my hands more and point my finger less. I ask God to help me speak the truth in love when needed and grant me supernatural discernment to help me to know when to listen and remain quiet. It’s not mine to judge the heart and actions of another person.

I don’t ever want to miss an opportunity. A few weeks ago God gently whispered to me to look up worshipping in spirit and in truth. It has become my guide as I continue to try and navigate what the world says versus what His instructions are for me.

Years ago I gave out children’s Bibles and candy with a close friend. Those Halloween nights are some of the most memorable and best evenings of my life.

Once a week, I teach something called Bible2school. Parents give permission to release their kids during lunchtime to learn the Bible. I cannot tell you the excitement of these children when they become aware we are giving them their own Bible to keep. This also has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Everyday is an opportunity. Jesus surrounded himself with a lot of “messy” people. Just like me. He never turned off His light to a broken and lost world. We are a city on a hill that cannot be hidden. No matter what calendar day of the year it is, we are called to share His love and His light.

So tomorrow, I will “seize the day”…again, and again… always and repeat.

Thoughts for today…

  1. Pray more, judge less.
  2. What God says to me and the plans He has for me are unique. Unlike any other. I don’t need to conform to anyone else’s thoughts or ways.
  3. Choose JOY everyday!

2 comments on “Seize the day…

  1. This is really, really good, Lisa. Life has a way of bringing a softening balance with age.


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