Laugh out loud…

Our family took a trip this summer to celebrate our youngest graduating from high school. On the way home we stopped for breakfast at a sweet little restaurant in Middletown Pa. Little did we know we would “make a memory” during our short visit. To make a long story shorter, our waitress had a little issue. At times our family can be a bit crazy. Yes, guilty as charged, I might be the ringleader. Anyway, we made the waitress laugh. That’s when everything took a dramatic turn…

Our waitress was probably around my age. She looked to be normal….a person who enjoys her job and interacting with the public. One thing set her apart though and this…this…well, THIS is where the memory-making begins. Something I said made her laugh. Most people laugh from their stomach/mouth. This lady was all snort. It was constant, non-stop snorting. Like a full-size slop lovin’ pig.

Our family was completely unprepared for it and we all burst out laughing. I had tears rolling down my face. The more she snorted, the more we laughed. She excused herself so we could all take a break. As she left the table, our youngest said “Isn’t that the best feeling ever? Laughing that hard”…it was like he didn’t want it to end.

Laughing is my favorite. Although for me it can be loud, uncontrollable and embarrassing. Our boys like to talk about the times “I lost it” to laughing. I’ve already been in a restaurant where everyone around me joins in even though they have no clue what was so funny. Once someone in close proximity to us told the waitress…”I want to have what she is having”…like my food selection put me in a contagious state of laughter.

If you haven’t laughed in a while, remember a time you had a good belly laugh and work towards finding that moment again.

Even some animals laugh! Check out the link below.

Thoughts for today…

1) Great memories often include laughter

2) Laughing is better when you’re with someone else.

3) Choose JOY everyday!

3 comments on “Laugh out loud…

  1. Funny indeed 🙂

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  2. Love this! We all need a good laugh! Thanks for sharing.

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