I’m a mean “textress.” My family struggles with my “text blogs.” Secretly, I think they are thrilled I started blogging. Simply because they have high hopes of me running out of words. They don’t understand that it’s been building up inside me for 47 years so it may take a while to see some relief. I have to say, I hate when my fast fingers go to town and after hitting the send arrow, I receive nothing back. Silence is not golden as sometimes they say. It’s brutal.

I do actually like silence. I crave it sometimes. I find it most satisfying if I can be in control of it though. Turn it on and off as I want. My favorite Bible passage is Psalm 23. The passage says “He MAKES me lie down in green pastures and He leads me beside still waters.” After that it says “He restores my soul.” He is saying that silence IS golden. It’s how we can hear Him in the midst of all the chaos.

I don’t know if you have ever reached out to Jesus and felt like there was no answer. I have…many times. Still do. Where I so desperately want to hear from Him but all I get is silence. How do I trust someone I can’t audibly hear or physically see? As a mother of three boys, I have prayed many prayers. Some have been answered and some I felt unsure God had heard my cries. I wanted Him to talk back or at least show some kind of sign that He was listening and cared. I remember at one point I had found a letter on the bed of one of our sons. It broke my heart. His best friend at 14 had died of brain cancer. He was asking God to reveal Himself to him. The note read something like “God, if you’re here, I need you to hear your voice or at least show me a sign.” The same son is 22 now and recently had a major encounter with Jesus. Something I had been praying about for a long time. I wasn’t sure if God heard me. I hoped He did but I wanted to see the results a long time ago. God took our son on a journey. Our son heard and felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in HIS perfect timing not mine. His voice was LOUD. God answered questions he had been struggling with for a long time. Just like that. BOOM! Silent no more.

As I continue to write, I realize even more how much I enjoy the silence. I find myself retreating to a quiet and comfortable place. Late at night. When silence is easier to control. I ask for His guidance before I do any blog writing. I promise you that God hears every prayer you’re praying. As in the case of our son, there may be an uncomfortably lengthy time you feel God has disappeared and gone silent. It’s not true! Just wait for His voice because it WILL come.

Thoughts for today..

  1. Thankful beyond words for God’s incredible faithfulness in our sons’ lives.
  2. HIS timing is perfect
  3. Choose Joy, Everyday!

6 comments on “Silence

  1. sunshine1412

    Thanks for the encouragement!! I have many prayers going for my girls!!


  2. Our basement living room is my retreat at the end of the day….as soon as meal clean up is done I’m down there. Love living in the same house with a busy young family but love some quiet too!
    Thankful for answered prayers but the waiting is soooo hard! Thanks for the encouragement today, my friend!


    • I will think of you as I retreat after the day to our basement. Little did I know redoing the basement would be my retreat 😂. I was doing it for everyone but it seems I use it the most. Hubby really likes it to 💕. Have a wonderful day friend!


  3. When we are young and beginning to first walk mother’s help their children to practice and take their first steps. Once the child begins to stand and walk on their own, the best mother’s do seemingly the most cruel thing…They hold out their arms a few feet away with the false promise of embracing the child! The child then because of that hope takes steps forward yet never seems to close the gap because the mother takes a correlating step backwards, even sometimes allowing the child to fall.

    It took me far too long to mature to the stage in my Christian life where I didn’t need “my mother” to always come and pick me up and help me walk. The “life of feeling” never is the end result, it’s only the beginning and should develop into a “life of faith”; after all it is an evil and adulterous generation that seeks after a sign. Our God is not subject to twitter character limits or microwaveable time frames. Just wait…He is there…and not as far away as we sometimes might think. He knows when to take a step back to help you grow and He knows when He needs to come into our death situations and turn all of our water into wine. In either case and at either time, we should still be those that are coming forward to Him! Thank you for your post and sharing!


    • Love this. Waiting and watching can be brutal but I see the end result was worth it all. Still, I realized as you said well, there are no “microwaveable time frames”…so good!

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