Happily Outnumbered

There is a lot of negative press about men in general. I agree, bad behavior deserves to be punished. I also understand there are two sides to a coin. Frankly if I went back to the very beginning in the garden, who tempted who? I’m not interested in starting a religious or political debate. I’m only presenting what I know to be the truth in my world.

I grew up with a brother, so I wasn’t foreign to spending my first 18 years with a pretty incredible guy. Oh, did we fight. It sure didn’t help we are only eleven months apart in age. Yes, my parents were young and naive. They thought that could never happen. I am the FIRST born. So, I like to say I’m older MUCH wiser. (Just joking…maybe) We loved being together and hated it at the same time. We had great moments and those that were terrifying (mostly for him of course.) For example, he had been trying to race me around the house to “let me have it.” While trying to catch me, I ran into the vacuum cleaner. I put my hands across my mouth, faked a good cry and ran upstairs to the bathroom to access my mother’s make up bag. She had some amazing red lipstick. I faked a serious injury and made it look like my mouth was full of blood. My brother still talks about the terror he felt. That is until I burst out laughing. I like to call that “royal revenge.” To this day, we tease each other and competition is still a factor at times. Truth is, he is an incredible human with two gifted sons and a beautiful wife. He is “Mr. Mom.” Cooks, cleans, gardens, does laundry, runs the kids to practices, and the long list goes on. We have our differences, but that doesn’t change how deeply we love and respect each other.

Then there is my daddy. He died way too young. He was 52 and passed away of mesothelioma. The doctor said it is one of the most painful cancers anyone could have. Just another question for Jesus that I don’t understand. On the day of my graduation, I sang a song and dedicated it to him. Bette Midler’s “Wind beneath my wings.” If you don’t know it, one line pretty much sums up my relationship with my dad. “Did you ever know that you’re my hero.” I can’t help but get choked up as I write and remember. He taught me, sometimes scared me into doing what was right. I was extremely blessed to have a man care about me the way he did. Having an earthly father like him made it easy to love a Heavenly Father more. Everyday lived is one day closer to getting to see both of them. Heaven.

On my wedding day. He was incredibly handsome too!

Fast forward to today. Oh my heart. The two incredible men above helped prepare me for past 25 years of my life. “Outnumbered”. Borrowing this from my Facebook entry a few weeks ago…

I’ve had to adjust throughout the years to living in a house full of men. No doubt it would have been different should there have been another female. It’s taught me how to depend on God more, made me value my girlfriend time and talks, educated me in areas I had no interest, and forced me to be tougher/stronger. I’m convinced though it may be difficult at times, God used them to mold me into a better woman. Having us all together for two weeks this summer has been a rare gift. Many years ago when the boys were toddlers, we took a trip to Cape May. We spotted a mom and dad with three older young adult boys in their 20’s. It was shocking to us at the time to see them all together on vacation. I asked them what their secret was. I remember their words to this day. “Spend time with them”… In primarily a male household, quality time is stopping every year at Bass Pro and trying to buy mom a pistol. In a mans world, that means discussing everything from who can eat the most food to what size engine is in a Z71 suburban. In a mans world, competition is as a whole different level. They hold a gigantic section of my heart and many of my prayers are directed their way. Though it took a few years to adjust and I’m still learning, God knew living in a man’s world would be the best thing for me and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Outsized and Outnumbered



Heartfelt thoughts for today…

  1. So thankful for these men in my life. They taught me how to love deeper and wider than I ever thought possible.
  2. God knew Eve needed Adam and Adam needed Eve.
  3. Choose joy, everyday!

Lancaster County PA born and bred. I'm a wife, mother of three sons, friend, and real estate agent. Roles which have taught me how to live one day at a time. Most importantly, JOY IS A CHOICE!

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