Empty Nester

Our youngest son started college this week. Our nest isn’t technically “empty” because we have two commuting. Though they are “living” here, we barely see them. Our other son is living on campus four hours off the PA Turnpike. I find myself embracing and enjoying the quiet sometimes. Other times, I’m forcing myself to choose joy over sadness of time gone by too fast. I thought the toddler years would never end. Then, BOOM! I’m here. It forces me to look back and wonder if I did enough. What would have I done differently?

My husband and I just celebrated our 25th anniversary last month. I just entered my 15th year in Real Estate. My mom is downsizing to one floor living and I’m helping her to work through change as she leaves the home where my father passed 18 years ago. We have now cosigned on three loans. Our home is finally getting a facelift after years of craziness supporting the boys and their interests.

To say we are in a season of change is an understatement. Three thoughts I’m embracing right now.

  1. The grass is not greener on the other side
  2. One day at a time
  3. Everyday choose joy

Lancaster County PA born and bred. I'm a wife, mother of three sons, friend, and real estate agent. Roles which have taught me how to live one day at a time. Most importantly, JOY IS A CHOICE!

2 comments on “Empty Nester

  1. Thrilled to follow along, Lisa. Our nest never emptied and now we live with my son and family and loving it! My little downstairs living room and bedroom is my getaway when young kiddos and chaos is abundant in the upstairs 😊


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