Building Bridges…

Day#9 Media Fast

As I daily continue to listen to the Word of God and frequently throughout the day, I find the scriptures I’ve read before speaking to me in a much different way.

I admit, I’m not extremely attentive. I continue my daily tasks but play it constantly hoping and praying for more. As I listen, there are some passages that almost seem to come across as if the reader emphasized or said raised his/her voice so I wouldn’t miss it. Like he/she wanted me to take note. Not the case but it’s happening. I hear some verses more than others.

Today some of the things that stuck out to me are;

1) Jesus told His disciples that there would be towns they enter with the intent to share the good news and the townspeople wouldn’t listen. He told them to keep going…not to waste their time. I’m having trouble digesting this… I want to understand THIS more.

2) He said 70 x 7 times we are to forgive. I’ve heard it many times before but it’s another hard concept to grasp. 490 times+++ The most difficult people I find to forgive are those who feel they have no reason to be forgiven. It’s not even that I hold anything against them in my heart…it’s more of a lost and frustrating situation that I have little tolerance for. So is it forgiveness I’m struggling with or is it something else?

3) The gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) should be read over and over again. On constant repeat. We are to be like Jesus. The gospels help us to better understand who Jesus is. He does so many miracles and teaches a plethora lessons in these four books. He had to show the disciples the same lesson multiple times…He has to do that with me also. (Me of little faith) The way Jesus spoke and went about preaching is unmatched. He is the MASTER OF BRIDGE BUILDING. Every word he spoke was brilliant…in love not judgement. Simply spoken. Easy to understand but powerful! EVERYONE heard Him even though plenty wouldn’t listen.

I believe in a world that is extremely divided…including “Christian verses Christian”…the breakdown of the church…God is choosing His leaders carefully. He knows who will carry His love to the people who need to hear it. He knows who will build bridges and who will destroy them. Yes, I believe the people of God need to do a self examination. Myself included. Politics has taken an unhealthy toll on the world and the church and so many neighborhoods/communities.

God is calling bridge builders to rise up! Much wisdom and discernment is needed. It MUST begin with LOVING OUR NEIGHBORS. No exceptions. NONE! God is calling His children to go into dark and unfamiliar/uncomfortable places and bring the light. My uncomfortable place right now is politics. I never wanted to be in a “political” position. I do and have always wanted to make a positive difference/impact in my community and I care a lot about kids. So I pray A LOT and seek His counsel and guidance. One day at a time. It’s brutal but He said it wouldn’t be easy.

In the last 24 hours, I’ve talked with two “bridge builders”…people I think God is going to use in a powerful way! I didn’t contact them. They randomly made contact with me. It has also become evident to me the very best leaders are those who don’t know they are leading. Those who don’t choose leadership. They are chosen. THOSE are the people I want to encourage. I will. I won’t stop! He is raising up an army and equipping bridge builders for sure. I’m asking Him to help me to recognize these people, to walk beside them and to pray for and with them!!!

He needs people who don’t choose a side. No right or left. No conservative or liberal. Those who identify with Christ and not this world. THOSE are the bridge builders whose unconditional love WILL bring healing to this divided, angry world.

4 comments on “Building Bridges…

  1. Jean Stauffer

    I long to be a bridge builder, but these days it seems that so many do not want a bridge.

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  2. I am often scared of stepping out in leadership and faith. Maybe don’t feel equipped. Pray for me and other Christian women to be the Bridge builders He wants us to be.


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