Mysterious Mary…Mother Matchless

As a primarily stay at home mother of three toddlers life was difficult. In fact, I was awarded a prize at a Mother’s Day banquet for having all three in diapers at the same time. The first two boys are 18 months apart and then only 16 months separated our second and third. All were potty trained at the very last minute before entering preschool. We were forced to resort to “drastic” measures for that to happen! It seemed as though diapers, feedings, gated areas, and time-outs would last forever.

Mother Mary. A saint. Truly. Raised Jesus well aware His destiny would be like no other. No doubt unlike myself, she tried desperately to cling on to His younger years. I’m sure she had many moments of wanting to freeze time.

Fast forward to now… But wait, I changed my mind. Take me back to when a bandaid could fix it or when crying at the table over tasting a new green vegetable at dinner seemed like absolute parental abuse and the end of the world as they knew it.

As the boys got older, the problems got bigger and so did my mother’s heart. Growing up for them is harder than I remember it for myself. When their heart is broken, a mother’s heart breaks also.

As I reflect on Mary, mother of Jesus, I can’t begin to comprehend the supreme honor and joy of knowing she was carrying God’s Son and yet at the same time the tremendous pain she would carry understanding His destiny. The only way she could have coped was living one day at a time.

Our sons are no longer boys. They are young men now finding their way in a weird, unpredictable world. Each of their paths are different, as they should be. I would be lying if I said I don’t think and pray for them everyday. Once a mother, always a mother. Though we let go physically, emotionally and spiritually, a mother will always be connected to her children. We rejoice in their victories and we weep with them in times of disappointment. We have high hopes for their future and want to see their dreams come true, if at all possible. Ultimately, we want God’s best for them, no matter what.

How did Mary do it? I can’t wrap my head around it. Love like no other…

Mother Mary, extraordinary.

1 comment on “Mysterious Mary…Mother Matchless

  1. Aunt Kandy

    Always a Mother, so true…
    As we age, and loose our own
    Mother, that’s another phase.
    We also worry about our Grandchildren and looking
    Back, realize that our Mothers
    Carried the same joy. It is a
    Joy, a gift. A gift of an unbroken
    Bond and Love.


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