When there is no perfect option…

Have you ever had to make a choice based on situations or past circumstances? Though it may not be the most appropriate choice in your mind, it is the best one for everyone involved?

Fear of the unknown tends to be the instigator and a driving factor when it comes to making these types of choices.

Everyone has an opinion and many want their desires to be acknowledged and correct.

Choices often involve many people. If only the world would try and better understand…life for many is radically different than what is in front of his/her own nose. If only people would open their minds, ears and hearts to listen and hear, those who have to make difficult choices would likely have it easier.

I’ve learned that there are those with much more experience than myself who have worked timelessly to make positive decisions on my behalf . For them, I am thankful.

The toughest choices often carry great consequences. There is no perfect plan or answer. The people/person making the choice oftentimes will have spent sleepless nights and countless hours discussing what the final decision will be. No matter what the choice, someone will be positively and negatively effected.

The negative is where the sleepless nights come into play…

A few years ago I had to make some choices that were agonizing. They hurt. No answer felt right and when the decision was made there were those that disagreed and made me feel like I chose incorrectly. Lots of judgement. It was one of the most difficult situations in my life and on top of it I felt like I was under a microscope. Today, I know I made the absolute best decision for everyone involved though it still hurt. Time has passed and many awesome miracles came out of that situation. I have forgiven and moved passed those that didn’t agree with me. I could have used the support a lot more than the opinions and criticism.

I think there is ONE correct answer. This would be to support those who have to make tough decisions on behalf of all of us. That doesn’t mean always agreeing with everything. It’s means thinking outside of ourselves and being willing to acknowledge that choices aren’t made at the drop of a hat. They have taken hours, days, weeks and sometimes months of planning.

The theme of this blog is “choose joy”…it’s a choice. We have a lot of choices in life. Some are harder than others. My question is, can we choose to appreciate those who make tough choices on our behalf? That seems to be a lot easier than the task of coming up with a decision which will in turn effect everyone in different ways.

CHOOSE joy AND gratitude everyday!

Lancaster County PA born and bred. I'm a wife, mother of three sons, friend, and real estate agent. Roles which have taught me how to live one day at a time. Most importantly, JOY IS A CHOICE!

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