Stepping on the scale…

A friend was sharing with me how devastated she was after she stepped on the bathroom scale. That was until she realized the grandkids had been playing with it and turned the dial to well past the 0. We all had a good laugh. I told her we have a scale in our bathroom but I never step on it. I realized a while ago that it causes more frustration and anxiety than it was worth. If I lost a pound, what had I gained? If I gained a pound, what had I lost? In this world there is enough trouble and anxiety. I didn’t want to create more. If my clothing got a little snug, I became more cognitive as to what I was putting in my mouth. If I needed a belt to keep my pants up, I had a piece of leftover cake for breakfast.

I went to the bank last week and the teller was extremely talkative. Her first question to me from behind her mask and the large piece of plexiglass was about the weather. The second question was “What do you do to help with anxiety”…I told her I try to avoid it and will consciously eliminate things in my life that might cause it. She was perplexed and continued to share with me that she does gardening to help alleviate being anxious. She continued to ask me more and more questions as she processed my transaction. After she was finished she said, “I still can’t get over you don’t have anxiety”…I told her I have so much to be thankful for and that God is really good and left.

At times my hubby says I live in a “perpetual state of happiness”. He and I know that isn’t true but I do make it a priority to try. He would describe himself as living in a “state of reality”. We have a good balance. It’s beautiful really. He is meant for me and I for him. He has learned to look on the positive side and I have learned how to better face the reality in difficult situations.

I do love to write…when I have time. Right now I don’t have much time. I made a decision to blog months ago. I could have easily looked at my lack of writing these past months as a failure. It’s highly recommended to stay consistent when starting a blog. I could’t and I still can’t. By not writing consistently, what did I lose? If I would have been diligent about keeping up with my blog, what would have I gained? I don’t know and honestly, it’s not important…

Just like the number on the bathroom scale.

Finally, Philippians 3:8. What is more, I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Jesus Christ my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them garbage, that I may gain Christ.

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