No ordinary chocolate cake…

Here I am at 5am (again)… Up early as a result of the weather here in PA combine with sinus issues. Excedrine tends to be my best friend when storms are in the forecast or seasons are changing. Today, the very unpredictable weatherman is predicting wintery weather after experiencing 60 degree temps only a few days ago. The most predictable thing is if they are calling for 5-8 inches of snow, we might see a flurry or light coating. I believe the weatherman has a tight relationship with the local grocery stores because here in PA if there is a winter storm on the horizon, the shelves in the grocery stores are empty. Bread and milk are history and so are the ingredients for cinnamon rolls.

I’ve been perplexed about how to blog on this chocolate cake. My goal is that the reader completely grasp that this chocolate cake was like no other. Here is the story…

Once upon a time there lived a mother and wife who enjoyed cooking for her family. She has spent over 22 years feeding her children and 25 feeding her husband. It was an act of love. There were days she liked cooking and on others, it was a laborious task. You see, she worked full-time and had a plethora of titles. For example, Realtor, Calendar keeper, Social event coordinator, Bill Payer, Housekeeper, Counselor, Friend…You understand, the list didn’t end at chef, wife and mother.

The “chef” title was serious and a full-time job in itself. As she continued to make food and more food and more and more, her family began to grow and grow and grow. While out in the public, complete strangers would stop and ask the mother if she put something in her food to produce such large and healthy young men. She had three boys and eventually they WAY outgrew their mother. The husband also grew throughout the years but that’s not important because the “chef” did too.

All that said the “chef” would make wonderful creations and her chocolate cake with buttercream icing was at the top of the list of her immediate and extended family.

It was Christmas time. Chef mom, wife, bill payer, housekeeper, counselor, friend, etc made a feast that included her famous chocolate cake for her in-laws. It was a huge hit. The party was at 5:30pm. She started cooking at 1:30pm and finally sat down when she crawled into bed at 10:30pm.

VITAL FACT: There was plenty of chocolate cake leftover to share.

Chef, wife, mom left early in the morning dressed like a Realtor. She wanted a piece of the chocolate cake with a big cup of coffee before work but she had no time. After a long day at the office she immediately put on her wife, mom clothing on and ventured to the kitchen to have a much anticipated piece of chocolate cake. As she lifted the foil, underneath was the equivalent of a bite sized corner piece remaining. Just enough that would send the housekeeper a message that someone didn’t want to empty the dish because they would be forced to wash the pan.

This was not a happy day for Chef, mom, wife, housekeeper.

Husband, dad arrived home. Chef, wife, mom, housekeeper asked where all the leftovers went. You can only imagine the response. He was guilty as charged. Chef, mom, wife, realtor, housekeeper, bill payer, social planner, etc. was not thought about (again)… This time was different though. Husband, dad felt sorry for not thinking of her and decided to add “baker” to his title after 25 years of not cooking or baking. He offered to make her another cake.

Chef, wife, mom provided husband, dad a her famous recipe. She showed him where to find the ingredients and warned him about the challenging parts of the recipe. He was determined to add “baker” to his title. He read the recipe 5 times and measured and re-measured the ingredients. Chef wife, mom wasn’t present to help because she was out on a friend appointment. During her time away she was receiving proud photographs from husband, dad. Could it be? Did he do it? He admitted the recipe was very difficult. He became slightly more aware of what it must be like to be chef wife, mom. This is only one cake. What about the 25 years of dinners, desserts, parties, grocery shopping and planning that went into to only her “chef” title? How is it possible to be one woman carrying so many titles?

The moral of the story:

The husband, dad added “baker” to his title. The chef, wife, mom, realtor, bill payer, friend, social planner, counselor, calendar holder, etc. and the husband, dad, baker, grew in more than one way together, happily fed and ever after. THE END.

Lancaster County PA born and bred. I'm a wife, mother of three sons, friend, and real estate agent. Roles which have taught me how to live one day at a time. Most importantly, JOY IS A CHOICE!

6 comments on “No ordinary chocolate cake…

  1. thanks for the smile this morning.


  2. spicey friend

    Great job husband, baker, dad! I knew you could do it!

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  3. It is definitely hard being the “mom” of the house! Mom is an all-inclusive title that has a never-ending list of things to do. Congrats on the husband for making it right and realizing how hard it is!


  4. I think this blog should included the bakers chocolate cake recipe and instructions.


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