Soul food

What is it that brings wellness to your soul?

Time goes by at a crazy speed. I painted the front room of our home a few years ago. It might actually be longer than I think after observing what had accumulated under the jelly cupboard. “Deep cleaning” and moving heavy furniture obviously does NOT bring emotional wellness to my soul.

After finishing the painting years ago, I remember enjoying the darker gray tone much better than the yellow color I had painted when we moved in. What I didn’t realize was how little light and sunshine gets into this room. The yellow was bright enough to counteract the lack of sunlight and dark furniture. The newer gray color was not.

I left the old color on the wall for years because I wasn’t planning on painting again. Time has passed and seasons are changing and every room in our house is in need of at least a “paint uplift.” Yesterday was the day!

I don’t talk much about being a realtor in my blog. 16 years! I’ve seen a lot of houses and a lot of colors. LOL!!! Life is busy and I listed a home for sale over the weekend and had reserved the morning and afternoon to work on my own home.

As I began painting the new color I became much more aware why the dark gray began to agitate me more and more. The shade difference between the old color and the new I had chosen was radically different. Almost like black and white. I actually questioned myself as I looked at the new color on the wall…wondering if I went too radically in the other direction. As I finished up and put all the furniture and shelving back on the wall my spirit leapt like I was a child receiving a puppy on Christmas Day. I had used a soft neutral shade of white and because this room is on the darkest, north side of our home. You would never know it’s white. Almost looks like a light gray.

The older I get the more I appreciate SIMPLE and BRIGHT. As I started to put things back on the shelf I added things that weren’t there before. “It is well with my soul”…in the center. How appropriate. I also added a small gray and white vase our son had made in his pottery class in high school. Something that also brings happiness to my soul. Of course, candlelight paired with snowy pine cones to bring in my favorite season of the year. I removed an old piano light and updated it with a simple modern one. I continue to keep a CD player on the piano for Christmas CD’s I cannot part with. All these things surround our old piano which has without a doubt has and continues to bring more wellness to my soul than any other piece of furniture in our home. Music is a gift from God and there has been an abundance of it in our home.

Once again…it’s the SIMPLE things. A newly painted wall. That’s all. Brought incredible life to my spirit and soul.

So, it’s worth asking a second time…What brings life to your soul?

Thoughts for today…

1) Making one small and simple change can bring incredible spark and wellness to my soul.

2) Music brings physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness to my soul.

3) Choose JOY everyday!

Lancaster County PA born and bred. I'm a wife, mother of three sons, friend, and real estate agent. Roles which have taught me how to live one day at a time. Most importantly, JOY IS A CHOICE!

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