Real Estate, “Real job” and Reality

Over the years I’ve heard many interesting perspectives on the life of a Realtor. Many have said it’s huge money making career. Others have said it’s not a “real job.” Some have commented on how quick and easy it must be to show a home and sell it. Listening to those who haven’t had a career in Real Estate, it’s sounds like it just might be the road to riches or highway to heaven.

A “real job” generally you clock in and clock out. While there is little flexibility, hopefully you can leave your work when you leave work. Paychecks are collected for the hours put in. You may or may not receive benefits such as health insurance and retirement. Calendars are easily filled in because life tends to be more predictable and stable.

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for…the reality according to my world. I used to be an extrovert. After 15 years in the business I’ve become and extroverted introvert. Constantly “being on” has resulted in some slight form of hibernation. Yes, my schedule is flexible and yet it’s not. I’ve received texts as late as midnight and as early as 2am. If you’re just starting out, the start up cost is low. $2,500 will get you classes, license, and all the fees that come with being a realtor. Be ready though because you may or may not have a paycheck for 12 months or more. Don’t get me wrong, I DO love my job and I REALLY love my clients. It has been incredibly rewarding in so many ways. It’s certainly isn’t for everyone. It is tough and at times. I dream about what it would be like to go back to punching out at 5pm. Now, a mentor and team leader, I find myself enjoying this “new season” in Real Estate. Just as life seasons change, so does the market and career. Keeping up with the current trends and training is crucial. Here are my current thoughts…

1. God designed and equipped me to do this.

2. I’m extremely thankful for everyone who has believed in me, trusted, and referred me in my career

3. Choose joy everyday

Brace yourself..

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